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The tools you need to be a top producer, all in one place.

With BROKR, there’s no guesswork or obstacles on the path to being a successful realtor,. You can enjoy the first system that’s designed to streamline the entire process of being a realtor. When you combine over 20 separate software functions – you get one centralized cloud-based environment that helps you sell more and sell more consistently. You focus on being the best realtor you can be, BROKR will handle the legwork.

Trusted and Reliable

Our software isn't just guesswork. We analyzed what realtors needed, and added it all under one roof. We're putting an end to having 20 tabs open, just to complete simple tasks.

Cloud Based

Centralized communication, calendar system, task management, social media management, and more. New features get built based on user demand. BROKR is for the people, at the request of the people. Built to help, not hender.

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Website/Funnel Builder

Get noticed. With our website and funnel building, you can showcase your talents to the world. All free, all included. Get more clients with a beautiful website.

Centralized Communication

Email, call, and text. All through our system. We even give you a separate ‘work’ number to give your clients, so you can segment your communication.

Automated Workflows

Take all the legwork out of your day-to-day activities. Trigger automatic tasks based on actions your clients take. Never let a conversation slip through the cracks.

Management And Marketing

Manage each client in specific pipelines. Sellers, buyers, investors. Whatever it is, segment them and follow them through their journey.

Form/Survey Builder

Easy to build, and with unlimited possibilities, our form/survey builder collects all the information you would need on your clients.

Advertising Reporting

Keep track of our advertising efforts. Whether it’s with BROKR AdPass or generating traffic yourself, keep track of who sees what.


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Lets Get Your Free Copy From Apple and Play Store
Lets Get Your Free Copy From Apple and Play Store