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We are a leading software provider, specifically for realtors. To be honest, there isn't much we DON'T do. But the basis is: we give you the tools to scale your book of clients. Whether it's 1 client, or 10,000. We carry a whole suite of software solutions that include:

  • Multiple calendar system
  • Workflows
  • Form builder
  • Survey builders controllers
  • Email marketing platform/ newsletter builder
  • Advertising reporting
  • Individual 'work' number
  • Listing management for brokers
  • Website builder
  • Funnel builder
  • The Vault
  • AdPass
  • Communication hub
  • CRM
  • BROKR Chat
  • Complete client management database
  • and more...

Aside from the cool features and functionalities, the root of your question is: will you sell more real estate because of BROKR? To which we answer: who knows? Thats like asking if you have the best car, can you win an F1 championship. It helps, duh.

We are the pit crew. We make sure you are well equipped to succeed. But ultimately, it's your business and only you can close. Being a realtor in the modern market means you have to go above and beyond to win clients. BROKR helps you do that.

Of course! If there are features we don't have (we doubt that), then you can always integrate BROKR with whatever software you desire. We have a full development team here. So if there is something you need done, you can always have us help integrate (on a project basis).

But remember to ask us first what you need. Here at BROKR, we add new features based on customer demand. So chances are, whatever you want, we probably are already working on it!

Absolutely. While BROKR is originally built for the individual, we offer a special 'broker' plan. This gives you the ability to add people to your account, have them underneath you, and only make their personal deals available to them. That way you get a big picture view of your team. We offer hefty discounts per-user when on the broker plan. Each broker plan comes with a dedicated account specialist and private chat room with priority support.

If interested, send an email to

Yep! Right out-of-the-box. We are here to help you in every aspect possible. Not just marketing. We have partnered with QuickBooks to offer the ability to stay on top of your finances.

Currently our software is optimized for the computer. A software like this could never exist solely in an app. We have our own lead-connector app in beta currently. This app takes the core functionalities of BROKR, and puts it in the palm of your hand. Calling and texting from your 2nd BROKR number, emails, pipelines, deal management, tasks and more. We are in development of our complete custom BROKR labeled app, which will bring more features on the go. BROKR chat, full communication hub to chat with clients and add notes on the fly, etc. Coming Q2 2022.

Good news! We offer affiliate programs for all our clients. 20% lifetimes commission for anyone you sign up (exempt: broker accounts). Send an email to and we will get you setup. Based on sign-up goals, you can also get your entire account for free, for life.

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