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Automation. Unbelievably Powerful. Easy To Build.

Workflows are the driving force of our system. Automated tasks, done for you. Create actions, based on triggers. Never miss a follow-up text, or thank you email again. Our workflow system can perform virtually any task a realtor might need. So powerful you may never actually work again! (Kidding. Kind of.)

Example: The goal is to create a task to send an email once someone has scheduled a tour.

  • Trigger: form submitted for a tour
  • Step 1- Wait 5 minutes
  • Step 2- send a text asking to confirm the time
  • Step 3- Wait for reply
    • if replied- send thank you text, and move to deal-stage
    • if no reply- force a call. If the client picks up, connect the call. If they don't, drop a voicemail. 
  • Step 4- Add appointment to calendar, enter 'reminder' workflow
  • No coding necessary
  • Integration-friendly. Use webhooks and zapier to complete ANY task you want, whether it's in our system or not.
  • Real-time analytics. See where each client is at in each workflow, and when actions were executed
  • Built for scalability. Whether its complex, or simple- workflows are meant to take the work out of your job
  • Easy to use interface. Designed so easy, even a 4 year old could do it.
  • Functional with external systems such as facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp etc.
  • Intuitive intelligence to detect on response intent type. Example- Did they open the email? Did they respond?
Automated Workflows