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Communication. Centralized, streamlined, and easy.

Texting from your personal phone? So 2005. With BROKR, everyone gets a dedicated work number, to keep all your communication centralized. In our system, you can text, email, use WhatsApp, and even Instagram message clients all through our communication portal. Whether you have 10 leads or 10,000- manage all your communication and keep track of who needs what, all in one place. Also, use our mobile app to communicate on the fly, and never fall behind on a lead again.

BROKR's favorite tip: when posting a property or content on your social media stories, have people DM you a specific word if they are interested in seeing more. When you receive that message, you can fire workflows off that trigger. Respond in the conversations tab to push each contact towards scheduling or filling our forms to capture their information. 

  • Easy to use template builder
  • All-in-one place to manage conversations and create notes on the client
  • Quickly add contact to an opportunity 
  • Track their history on your site. What forms they have filled out, their interest etc.
  • Create tasks directly from conversations so you never miss a step
  • Intuitive tag system Always see who is a lead, who is a seller, and who is a buyer. Unlimted options. 
  • Easy call-system with tracking. See who you're calling, if they picked up, and listen to recorded calls.
  • Fire workflows and pipelines directly from a conversation.
Centralized Communication