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Know Your Numbers and KPIs

Whether you run ads yourself, or use BROKR AdPass, get a detailed overview of where you stand. Reporting directly into our software, you can get an overview of how much each lead costs, and how many viewers convert into clients. Easy to understand, our reporting center gives you the ability to take charge of your advertising and take actionable steps into generating more traffic. Call reporting, google ad reporting, facebook reporting. All there, all yours.
  • Easy to integrate with social media platforms
  • Performance by campaign level
  • Dynamic visualizations
  • Cross-platform analytics
  • Easy-to-understand analytics
  • East to translate what works and doesn't work for your advertising efforts
  • For brokerage accounts: see how your team performs on a broad level, and see which agents are hitting their goal KPIs. Listen to recorded calls and keep track of agent output.
Advertising Reporting