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The Core Of BROKR

With BROKR, there’s no guesswork or obstacles on the path to being a successful realtor,. You can enjoy the first system that’s designed to streamline the entire process of being a realtor. When you combine over 20 separate software functions – you get one centralized cloud-based environment that helps you sell more and sell more consistently. You focus on being the best realtor you can be, BROKR will handle the legwork.

Our software isn't just guesswork. We analyzed what realtors needed, and added it all under one roof. Communication, calendar system, task management and more. New features get built based on user demand. BROKR is for the people, at the request of the people.


The Vault (Q2 2022)

Our Course Depository

Being a realtor means becoming accustomed to shifting markets and changing strategies. With The Vault by BROKR, we are offering a place to grow, learn, and adjust to the contemporary markets. With countless hours of classes, lectures, and how-to’s; every realtor will have a depository of information to help sharpen the skills needed to be successful.

With the top advertising agencies, brokers, investors, and a collection of realtors, you can learn from people who have not only been a part of selling over 1B+ in real estate, but have been leading designers in building BROKR. Want to learn how to run ads yourself? We’ve got you covered. Want to learn from Ph.D. economists about the future forecast of the market? We got it. With the Vault, you can develop your talents to become a top realtor, all on our platform. The Vault (Q2 2022)



Premium DFY Advertising

Leads. The real currency in real estate brokerages. The lifeblood of your portfolio, and the bane of most realtors’ existence. Between countless hours of trying to generate leads through social media, and hundreds of open houses, arises two issues: What actually works, and what is cost-effective? Enter: AdPass. BROKR's premium tailored solution for advertising. Turn-key, effective, and affordable. No more high monthly retainers, and set-up fees to ad agencies who drain your wallet, and don’t deliver. AdPass is the all-in-one ad agency in your pocket. AdPass

All This, And An App

Join BROKR, And Scale.

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Join BROKR, And Scale.
Join BROKR, And Scale.